Startup Galway Meetup with Sean O'Sullivan

27th May 2015

Event Description

Startup Galway Meetup with Sean O'Sullivan (SOS Ventures, Carma, Ex-Dragons' Den)

27 May 2015, The g Hotel, Sponsored by Collins McNicholas

Sean O'Sullivan is an entrepreneur, inventor and investor, born in New York City and currently living in County Cork, Ireland. He is best known for co-founding MapInfo Corporation which popularised street maps on computers, and for coining the term "Cloud Computing". He is Managing Director at Carma, a global software company, and at SOSventures, a $180m venture capital operation. O'Sullivan has had an unusually diverse career, being described as a "renaissance man". He has also been described as an engineer, musician, computer programmer, a humanitarian, a war photographer, a cinematographer, stock analyst, freelance photojournalist, a venture capitalist and writer. O'Sullivan holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Masters of Fine Arts in Film Production from the University of Southern California.


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