Startup Galway / ITAG Thanksgiving Breakfast with Siobhan Maughan

8:30 AM, 26 November 2015, Clayton Hotel

Event Description

Siobhan Maughan (Integrated Thinking, ex-VP Openet)

8:30 AM, 26 November 2015, Clayton Hotel

Siobhan Maughan is the founder of Integrated Thinking, a software product management consultancy with hands-on experience in growing product revenues and building market- and product-focused companies. Siobhan has over 20 years experience in the software industry. As Vice President of Product Management at Openet, she was responsible for the entire portfolio of Openet's products. Siobhan chaired the Irish Software Association's Product Management Working Group - established to promote the development of the product management discipline within the indigenous software industry in Ireland.

Siobhan will talk about "Product Management - A Collaborative Approach to Solving Business Problems". In a competitive landscape, a startup's ability to identify key problems to solve for a broad market segment and the capacity to deliver clever solutions that add value is crucial to success. Early-stage businesses and startups adopt a lot of the principles of product management from the start, but they often don't hire dedicated resources or formalise the discipline. Siobhan discusses the benefits, whether your company is a startup or more established SME, of rebooting and formalising your approach to product strategy to combine the “what” and “why” of market-led product management with the “how” of engineering. She will discuss how fostering a collaborative approach between product managers and engineers adds value to scaling technology companies.


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